Need a versatile website that can do everything from ID page, blog to corporate portal?
With the power to customize every aspect of design and layout?
And with a price that you wouldn’t believe you eyes?

Who we are?

We a group of young and independent web creation specialists connected by common target – deliver best-value-for-money websites. Because we are spread across many places we don’t have a real office, but our base city is London, so whenever you want to meet our master salesman, we can arrange a meeting – just drop us a note.

Our philosophy

To deliver best value for money high quality website.
The internal process we have design allows for creating website you don’t spend a fortune, but still looks amazing!

We are good at

Web creation
Web Design
Marketing & PR
Available templates
Happy clients
Years of experience
Design awards


At Inexpensive Websites we don’t provide you everything. Instead we provide you what you need most – a perfect website for perfect cost. Our solutions are cost effective, because we focus on what is important for you, and leave the rest for those who are good at it (and value themselves accordingly). For instance you don’t get unique web design from us, because hiring a graphic designer costs a lot. We also don’t provide SEO services, as the Internet is a war zone. But still, our website are astonishingly beautiful and code is SEO optimized, so whenever you decide to head up for fancy logo or some google ranking upgraded, you can go for it in an instance, just not with our company.


No company around offers such a wide range of options.
We provide you complete solution, so now you don’t have to choose between buying a car and having a neat website for your business,


Inexpensive Websites has everything you need to create a perfect portfolio page: from common masonry & grid layouts
to fullscreen image scrollers with a wide range of appearance & navigation settings.



LiftInst is an Lift Installation and Repairs LTD


BestWalls is a painting and wall refurbishing based in London, UK.



CRE4TE is a building & renovation company

Innovate Constructions

Innovate Constructions is a building company based in Cardiff, Wales


Bespoke Lifts

Bespoke Lifts is ... name says it all 🙂


Domek nad morzem

Private website for holiday caravan house hire

D&D Window Cleaning

D&D Window Cleaning is a window cleaning company based in London, UK



EmploymeUK is a employment agency for polish community in London



Barnet Psychotherapy agency using Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT)

Order a calculation


Multiple pricing options to choose from. Please see the Pricing page for full range of our products.

  • Plain one-page ID Website

  • £299

  • Custom domain
    Single page only
    One advanced slider
    No stock photos


  • Best price-to-content ration,
    Affordable full-featured website

  • £499

  • Custom domain
    Front page slider
    5 stock photos
    Fancy template
    Up to 5 distinct pages
    Customer editable
  • Want even more? Have everything from Inexpensive option plus below

  • £799

  • 10 more stock photos
    5 more pages
    Pricing tables
    Google Places entry
    Web visitors statistics

  • Totally customizable solution

  • +£999

  • 15 more stock photos
    Product / service
    professional photo session

    E-commerce option
    Product / service
    video session option

All of websites include standard page sections like product gallery, google maps, contact form, simple photo slider. All our websites are secured from hackers and have backup solution in place.

See & download full price list range here:



How fast can you deliver?

Usually, after initial meeting to get requirements from you and receiving half of the payment, we need two days to set up everything for you, and additional one day for final touch after you feedback us. The whole process should take no more than 5 working days.

When do I have to pay?

You must pay half before we start work and second half on the day the website is ready. We won’t start working without initial payment, because we must buy materials and photos for you.

You're not that cheap as you advertise! I've seen much cheaper!

Yes, that’s true, we are not cheap, we are inexpensive, and that’s a big difference. Cheap means low quality, and we provide best website quality on the market. Cheap websites are usually created by one-time-job students, who doesn’t have much experience with creating professional pages. We, on the other hand, have more than 16 years, and the founder of this company created his first professional page for clothing shop in Windows notepad!

I don't trust companies without an office!

We totally understand, but look on it this way: we live in 21st century, and it’s era of the Internet. Physical office would actually be a burden, because you would have to come to us, instead of meeting in a place suitable for both sides. You don’t need to pay for our rent, and remote workers and happy workers (and inexpensive as well). If you could work from home, would you do it? We did it, it’s really nice!

I need a website, but I even don't know where to start!

That’s why you have us! Just drop us a note, and we will call you to schedule a meeting to talk about your needs. We take care of everything for you.


Get yourself a web site You’ll be proud of!
Purchase Inexpensive Websites solution today!

Contact info

We don’t have an office, so you don’t pay our rent! Want a face to face meeting? Call us or drop a mail, so we can arrange a meeting in one of this cosy London’s cafe’s

Phone number:
(0) 7459 641 528


We are open:
Monday – Friday 8 AM – 6 PM

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